Mid August: Thoughts on becoming a Minimalist

Yellow Curry Spring Rolls. I made from scratch... Im learning to love cooking!

Yellow Curry Spring Rolls. I made from scratch… I’m learning to love cooking!

You know, I have a great and seemingly unattainable desire to live a simple life happily. The desire that seems to visit me throughout my life, through every stage of my life, is to live FREE; free from my need to anxiously please every single person; free from the need to own things that define my status; free from my need to constantly evaluate and analyze my current level of happiness. Happiness is so unattainable to me because I tend to focus on the end all, and not the experiences I go through to get there.

Truth be told, I am a wreck!

I’ve decided 1.5 months into my Happiness Project to become a minimalist. I’ve decided to unlearn what I think it is to be true of my life and to start being MORE CREATIVE! I’ve decided to change perspectives, reassign value to the truly valuable things, and just be. In the past 6 weeks I’ve learned a few things:

1. Cultivating relationships make me happy.

2. Letting go of negative relationships make me happy.

3. Sharing my life with only the few that I care about, and not the mass that is facebook, makes me happy.

4. Learning to cook makes me happy.

5. Music, art, and expression makes me happy.

6. Pursuing a closer relationship with GOD makes me happy.

7. Planning Travels make me happy.

I hope to slowly unclutter my life by first starting with my materialistic possessions, then by moving on to the emotional baggage I lug around, then to the unhealthy habits I hold on to, and finally, I will have reached my minimalist goal by letting go of my need to be praised by everyone.

The following pictures are a few of the things August has brought….

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